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Albinism Umbrella Mandate

Albinism Umbrella works through existing structures and partner organizations with similar objectives to achieve economic sustainability and embrace albinism for national development.

Through such collaborations, the albinism community will enjoy their rights stemming from the basic right to life which at times is compromised due to cultural misinformation, beliefs and other prejudice about the condition.

These beliefs and myths are centuries old and are present in cultural attitudes and practices around the world. Stigma and discrimination top the list of challenges faced by PWA.

These can be tackled through systematic and continuous sensitization of the community to backroll mindset barriers as we strive to change cultural practices which negatively affect PWA.

AU Mandate

We are a voice that engages the community to reduce the vulnerability of people With Albinism, to promote and protect their rights.

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We welcomen partners to foster our mutual vision.
Albinism Umbrella is a registerd Non Government Organization under the laws of Uganda.

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