Who we are

Albinism Umbrella is a voice for persons with albinism and we stand for the creation of a sustainable environment for all person living with albinism and their families by evoking their capacity and talents in different areas of expertise. Albinism Umbrella works through existing structures and partner organizations with similar objectives to achieve economic sustainability and embrace albinism for a national development.

Through such collaborations, the albinism community will enjoy their rights stemming from the basic right to life which at times is compromised due to cultural mis-information, beliefs and other prejudice about the condition. These beliefs and myths are centuries old and are present in cultural attitudes and practices around the world.

Stigma and discrimination top the list of challenges faced by PWA. These can be tackled through systematic and continuous sensitization of the community to backroll mindset barriers as we strive to change cultural practices which negatively affect PWA.


A society in which Persons with Albinism (PWA) are dignified and realize their full potential.   


To promote and protect the rights of Persons with Albinism in Uganda through research, partnerships and advocacy for their improved well-being. 

Tag line

We believe in Restoring hope!

Our objectives

  • To act as a voice in different forums on issues of albinism and development.
  • To spear head research on the topic of albinism with the interest of teaching and sensitizing the persons with albinism, their families and community.
  • To create a data centre with the aim of advocating and lobbing for the rights of persons with albinism (PWA) at all level of governance
  • To create awareness of the social challenges that are faced by persons with albinism and empower them to find their rightful places in society.

Our core values

“We are TRIP”

                • Respectful
                • Team work
                • Professionalism
                • Integrity