Sun Screen Production

The main challenges faced by Persons living with Albinism (PWA) include: Skin cancer, stigma, derogation name calling, discrimination, denied employment opportunities and inhumane practices including ritual sacrifice. It is estimated that 80% of the death among PWAs in East Africa is caused by skin cancer. It is our desire to reduce the statistics because this is preventable.  Making sunscreens available and affordable will significantly reduce skin cancer among PWAs.

Sunscreens are rare, expensive and almost inaccessible for most persons living with albinism in Uganda and Africa in general.

These are lifesaving cremes and a local solution is at the heart of breaking the cycle of birth- no education- skin cancer- death for most person living with albinism. The few bottles available of about 80g or less cost about $ 20 a bottle which can possibly last one week.

Join us today to make this dream a reality. It is possible to reduce SKIN CANCER, it is preventable. Provide any amount of money in any currency to help manufacture a tin of local organic –oil based sunscreen.