Albinism in Uganda is a true genetic story encompassing the general demography of Uganda’s population. People living with the albinism condition are internationally referred to as “albinos” and translated into many different language dialects in Uganda. The condition comes with challenges of sight and a delicate skin which is susceptible to skin cancer.

Albinism Umbrella was set up to be a voice for persons living with albinism in Uganda. It environs being a solution to this, marginalized group which lives in dire poverty. We work with various organizations and individual living with albinism to provide sunscreens, empower them and sensitize the general public about this condition.

It is estimated that approximately 20,000 Ugandan live with some of albinism. PWAs have been categorized as persons with disability. (PWD). Though this is a set in the right direction of recognition, PWAs have peculiar challenges that are not necessarily addressed under this category. PWDs in Uganda face various forms of barriers; extreme conditions of poverty, limited opportunities for accessing services & are increasingly more vulnerable to disease and poverty.