As the Albinism fraternity in Uganda, for many years back we have been lacking a collective voice which could unite us as well developing our voices to reach where we all ever wanted. In Uganda, we hold various albino organizations which are quite doing a great work in trying to solve the would consequences that Persons Living With Albinism (PWAs) face regardless of their areas of settlement.

Since lots of challenges have turned into barricades thus causing hinderance in performance and poor service delivery towards our dear brothers and sisters whose conditions and style of living are wanting at maximum?

We spotted a problem which needed a solution immediately and as Albinism Umbrella we decided to act as a whip-hand in relation to help others organizations to get down at the core of the foundation to ensure that service delivery is done via to the respective members without any kind of failure or blockage.

We strongly believe that in the near future many of our members will gain lots of benefits and a smile will be observed on people’s faces because hope will be regained utmost just as our tagline states (Restoring Hope).